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Digital Media Rise Pushes Print Suppliers To The Brink And Beyond – Forbes


Publisher contracts often require distributors to display large numbers of their magazines, a marketing trick using up retail real estate just to sell a few copies. But in order to get a rebate for the unsold copies, Source was forced to spend time and money picking up and returning magazines to the publisher, chipping away at the companys bottom line. Source Home tried to renegotiate contracts, but its largest client, Time Inc. , pulled out of talks this May. The company filed for Chapter 11 soon after. Magazines (Photo credit: hectorir) The steady rise of digital media through the last two decades has shrunk the industry from 400 magazine wholesalers in 1995 to just three controlling 90 percent of the market in 2014, according to Stephen Dube, Source Homes chief restructuring officer. Though the company delivered magazines nationwide to the likes of Barnes & Noble , Wal-Mart and Costco , the broad decline in consumption has rendered the distribution business worthless. A 2009 restructuring, in which Source Interlink cut about $1 billion in debt, wasnt enough to save the company.
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SmartThings Wants To Give Your House A Voice–And Make A Lot Of Money Selling You Services – Forbes

SmartThings, the firm he founded a year after the Colorado trip, is now doing a brisk business selling a $100 hardware hub with a smartphone app and cloud service that connects thousands of gadgets. It also sells more expensive kits crammed with third-party sensors and devices for home security, temperature control and water detection. The firm, based in Washington , D.C., already has 5,000 developers using its software to build applications to run various combinations of gadgets in useful ways. For example, your fitness tracker could tell your coffeemaker when you wake up so you have a fresh pot ready in the morning, or a moisture sensor could tell when a pipe is leaking and alert you via smartphone to turn the water off. SmartThings plans to introduce paid apps, ala Apple’s Apple’s App Store, next year. SmartThings cofounder and chief technology officer Jeff Hagins likens the model to cloud-computing powerhouse Salesforce. It built this platform for developers because they honestly didnt have the expertise for every possible application, he explains. We looked at the smart home and said exactly the same thing. We dont have all the answers. The smart-home industry is expected to reach $17.9 billion in hardware and services revenue this year, growing to $40 billion by 2019, according to Strategy Analytics.
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