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Save Money With These Five Tech Tools – Time

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The service charges a 15% fee, which covers the cost of time tracking, secure online ACH payment processing, payroll tax services and a dedicated family advisor that helps families navigate the process of hiring a caregiver. The company also runs background checks on caregivers and provides professional liability insurance that covers property damage and injuries. Price: Hourly wages plus a 15% service fee; available at Get Free Off-Airport Parking: FlightCar If you live in Los Angeles, Boston, or San Francisco, the FlightCar service will let you park for free in a special lotand earn you some extra cash while youre away. FlightCar rents out your car to other vetted FlightCar members while youre away. Your take is anywhere from $0.05 to $0.40 per mile, depending on the make and year of your car and how many miles a renter drives it. Included with the service: A free car wash, $1 million in insurance, and a black-car chauffeur to the airport. If youre traveling to any other FlightCar city, a web app will text you information about nearby cars available for rental. The service will be expanding to Seattle next, with other cities to follow. Price: Free, with the opportunity to make money while you travel; available at Get Free Stuff: Yerdle Yerdle This iOS app and website is a store where people barter for free stuff using virtual currency. If you have stuff lying around the house that you dont use or no longer enjoy, you can offer it on the site for a certain number of creditseveryone gets 250 to start.
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Celebrities Struggle in Prepaid-Card Business – Yahoo News

Card issuers make money from the consumer fees that are tied to the card and from each time a merchants rings up a transaction. The cards are catching on as more borrowers seek out cards that won’t allow them to rack up debt and are cheaper and more convenient than high-fee check-cashing providers. In all, consumers made $132.9 billion of purchases using prepaid cards last year, more than double the $60.45 billion in sales made in 2009, according to the Nilson Report, a Carpinteria, Calif., newsletter. But some issuers have been forced to reduce fees on the cards in the face of criticism from consumer advocates. Those fees are typically used to subsidize costs associated with maintaining the card, such as staffing customer-service centers. Bigger banks are able to absorb those fees easier than the smaller firms that typically back celebrity cards. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, meanwhile, is a scrutinizing prepaid cards and is expected to issue new guidelines at the end of this year or in early 2015. The agency said Monday it would start accepting consumer complaints about prepaid cards. The card endorsed by the Kardashian reality-television stars was pulled just weeks after its 2010 launch after consumer advocates lambasted its fee structure, which included a $99.95 purchase price.
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