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Home-health Employers Seek Exemption To Aca Regs, But Montana Has The Fix Already

It definitely attracted me to the job. Crider works 25-30 hours a week providing in-home assistance to elderly and disabled clients, doing tasks like housekeeping, meal preparation, shopping or transportation. They only require 23 hours a week for you to be able to get the health insurance, so its really good, she says. Usually companies wont let you get your health insurance unless youre full-time. Consumer Direct has been trying to get other states to adopt the Montana model, largely to no avail. Now, Consumer Direct and other such providers are asking Congress to delay the Affordable Care Acts mandate that companies with more than 50 employees provide health coverage for those workers. If we cant get this changed at the federal level, then were faced with some pretty difficult choices, says Hanshew. Those are painful choices that will make it harder to recruit for a job thats already hard to recruit for. The Montana Legislature enacted the program in 2007 with the hope of making home-health jobs more attractive, offering health coverage as a benefit with a difficult, low-paying job. The state also wanted to bolster in-home care, to keep people out of more expensive settings like nursing homes. Companies like Consumer Direct hire and coordinate in-home health workers and are reimbursed by Medicaid, the state-federal program that pays medical bills for the poor and disabled. Since 2009, the state has used Medicaid dollars to subsidize private health insurance purchased by in-home health care companies for their employees.
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10 Ways to Retire on Less Money – Yahoo News

Many older houses feature mother-in-law suites, and some newer construction offers two master bedrooms. Two can live cheaper than one, and this setup can offer companionship as well. 5. Rely on friends. Don’t be afraid to ask for a favor and then offer to reciprocate. You can save a lot of money driving each other to the airport or the store instead of calling a cab.
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