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Blogging The Beethoven Bicentennial Collection: Symphonies 5 & 6 | Classical Notes | Classical Notes | Classical Minnesota Public Radio

Alan Alda’s The Four Seasons (1981) was a family favorite, so my siblings and I learned to associate Vivaldi’s stirring strings with the dramatic passing of each Minnesota season. Still, classical music wasn’t something I’d felt I had cultural permission to own. By “own,” I mean not just literally owning records, but owning it as something I actively listened to and felt invested in. In modern consumer culture, music isn’t just something we listen to for enjoyment, it’s something we use to represent our identities to others. Wearing an R.E.M. t-shirt was cool…but would it be okay for me to wear a Beethoven t-shirt? I started slowly, buying budget CDs of The Four Seasons and The Planets when I was in college. I started subscribing to BBC Music Magazine, which includes a complete work on CD with every issue. I read books and guides, the best of all being Jan Swafford’s Vintage Guide to Classical Music, still one of the best-written books on any subject I’ve ever read.
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2014 NFL Draft: Perfect Fits For The Dallas Cowboys Offense – Blogging The Boys

My take? Give Johnny Manziel two seasons on the bench to rework some of these difficulties (though I don’t know if I trust this to Wade Wilson) and I think he comes out on the other end as one of the Top 10 quarterbacks in the league. I think for the situation of sitting behind Tony Romo for a few years, Manziel is the perfect fit for the Dallas Cowboys. His playing style and panache is everything the team has in Tony Romo, plus the pedigree that Romo lacked. Now I’m not saying that I want Dallas to spend pick No. 16 on Manziel; there are other players I would rather have in the fold first. But of the QBs in this year’s draft, Manziel is the perfect fit for this team. RB: Bishop Sankey, Washington The running back position is in a strange place draft wise, due to the changing nature of the game. Backs rarely can carry their production into a second contract and as such are getting devalued.
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