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How Scammers Are Targeting Home Businesses – Yahoo Finance

Dont take more than youre owed.The key to this scam is the overpayment, so its important to confirm youve received the right amount from your customer. If someone gives you too much, correct the error before you let the transaction hit your bank account. Dont wire money to strangers.This tip has been around awhile, and its a good one. Craigslist has a section of its site dedicated to informing consumers about scams, and the second point on its list of things to avoid is to never wire money to a Craigslist poster. Dont do it. Confirm the deposit.Its easy to deposit a check, mark it in your records and forget about it, but you need to follow up. As a general practice, you should check your online bank statements on a daily basis to watch out for unauthorized transactions , and if youre relying on a deposit to come through, you should confirm it cleared before spending those funds. If you run into a situation when a customer has asked for a correction to their payment or a refund, wait until the first transaction went through before shelling out your own cash.
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The Trending Way of Making Money Online from Home: Tapping Home Based Business Opportunities

The Trending Way of Making Money Online from Home: Tapping Home Based Business Opportunities image Productive Home Based Business Opportunities

In order to do so under ethical norms, their clients should not be competitors within the same industry. Online Tutoring Providing coaching and tuitions to students during after-school hours has been a common and advantageous way to earn a steady flow of income. The field is traditionally opted for as a part-time activity by most tutors. However, it comes with certain limitations such as limited access to students, inconvenience of having to commute to the students when needed, etc. Since most households own a computer system and an internet connection, online tutoring has become one of the most flourishing home based business opportunities for many teaching enthusiasts. Freelance Photographer Individuals who are gifted and even trained in the field of photography often find themselves working for other studio owners, mainly because they have insufficient resources required for an initial investment for a full-fledged studio. This is mostly because of the expensive equipment they have to purchase in order to learn, practice, and improve their skills. However, they find hope in various home based business opportunities, such as starting a freelance business.
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