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Cowboys Mock Draft 2014: Kony Ealy, Johnny Manziel, Even Teddy Bridgewater Makes A Cameo – Blogging The Boys

Anthony Barr is already gone to the Titans at #11, and even though he’s not a defensive end, BTB favorite (and everybody’s favorite nowadays), Aaron Donald, goes to the Bears at #14. So based on that Ealy does make sense. But does he really make sense here? More than a few big boards have Ealy as a bit of a reach here. Here’s an article asking the question if Ealy is really a first round pick. The Cowboys might be better served trading down in this scenario. Or does Zack Martin make more sense? He goes to the Ravens at #17 in this mock. Maybe Dallas should go strict BPA if Barr and Donald are gone. What would that look like?
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Blogging Process – What To Do When You Write Your Post | BlogHer

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It is best to find as many of your errors in Word and then clean up the grammar in WordPress. 7. Find and import media. This could be photos, video, infographics, Instagram images, etc. If you use media from the internet make sure to properly attribute the source. I always say that it is best to use your own media, to make it more personal and avoid any issues. Are you an Instagram user? Embed relevant photos and now you can drive the audience to your Instagram account. Another trick I use is creating my own images through Microsoft Clip Art or iClipArt . By making tweaks and edits to the images, you have created your own piece of media and can further avoid copyright issues. I save all photos to a blog folder.
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