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Theyre familiar with online writing concepts and the unique landscape of blogging, and they use these skills to help businesses achieve their online marketing goals. In some cases they work directly with thought leaders or subject matter experts to help them express their ideas (also known as ghost blogging ). Thought leaders who blog These are the people who go deep below the surface to identify and analyze the most important research, news and issues in their industry. Just like trying to get your content to go viral , trying to be a thought leader is usually a misguided pursuit. As Lauren Hockenson wrote on American Express OPEN Forum , becoming known as a thought leader shouldnt be your goal. Its just the icing on the cake of creating something truly innovative. Subject matter experts who blog You do not have to be a thought leader to be an effective business blogger. Experts can be just as widely revered and, more importantly, can attract prospective customers to a business and give them confidence to take the next step. Experts help explain complex ideas. They guide customers through concepts so they can either do a simple task themselves, or feel more confident about working with a service provider. Blogging for business Now that weve looked at blogging in general, lets look specifically at business blogs.
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Here is some help if you are looking to start a blog yourself. Here is a huge tip: When you get your target audience created correctly. You will attract the right people to your blog. And have conversations that are of a higher level. For an example: Your conversions will be higher if you have identified your target audience correctly. How to Make Money from Blogging My prospects ask me what is the benefits of having an online business . The benefits are “Enhancements to your life”. Here is an example: “Hi David would you like to spend more time with your family and friends? Go travel and go on vocations and not wake up to an alarm clock.
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