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The problem with Amazon is that they cannot service every niche that is out there. People who shop online are searching for very specific products and also want good information about that product. Amazon cant do that. Because they are so big they cant service every niche as well as one site that focuses ONLY on a specific type of product. Examiner: How do you make money from doing this? Sarah: There are many highly reputable companies out there that want to sell more products and are willing to give you a commission for each sale (usually around 30%). The way it works is like this: Step 1 – I put up a simple website that costs me very little (sometimes for free) around one specific type of product and provide good information about it as well. Step 2 I set up an e-commerce checkout system via Shopify (a free online shopping cart system) Step 3 The customer buys a product from me and then the company I am working with handles all of the shipping and customer service.
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How to Make Money From Blogging | David Ingham


As you need to make a connection with this group and build rapport. You need to build your blog on a specific topic that is linked to your target audience. Get inside your prospects head. Who is the best person to market to? Get people to trust you as then they will buy from you and this is the best way to start a Blog and Make Money. This will make you an authority figure. Clearly identify what you are selling.
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