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How To Make Money From Blogging | david Ingham


You can see an example on my website on the right here . You need to brand yourself and build trust. You new to be specific who your target market is going to be? Spend some time here and get to know your target market desires. As you need to make a connection with this group and build rapport. You need to build your blog on a specific topic that is linked to your target audience. Get inside your prospects head. Who is the best person to market to? Get people to trust you as then they will buy from you and this is the best way to start a Blog and Make Money. This will make you an authority figure.
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Thinking of Blogging With a Partner? Read This First | Audrey van Petegem

We never had an agreement in place although orally we made an agreement to split every thing and keep a percentage of what we made in the coffers for the blog. Never thinking that we would ever not be friends we thought nothing more about the business side and enjoyed being professional bloggers together. Well, it happened. We had a disagreement and, because my partner created all the email accounts and the Word Press site, all of my access was blocked. Passwords were changed. Word Press and my email address were blocked. I could no longer get access to any of our social media platforms. Not only my livelihood was stripped from me but also my reputation was at jeopardy. No one would ever think of starting any other business without a contract or seeking legal advice. You need to register the business, possibly trademark the name, open bank accounts, get signing authority, and set up other legal documents. Each person should have their own legal representation and both sign a non-disclosure agreement.
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