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How To Make Big Money From Your Vacation Home

Avalon-based Insulwise making money by helping homeowners save – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

PG Products (Photo: FlipKey) Panama City Beach, Fla., $55,000-$60,000. (Photo: FlipKey) Davenport, Fla. (Disney area), $50,000-$55,000 (Photo: FlipKey) Like this topic? You may also like these photo galleries: Replay This vacation home in the Poconos earned its owners more than $65,000 in rental income last year, according to vacation rental site FlipKey. (Photo: FlipKey) SHARE 113 CONNECT 39 TWEET 6 COMMENTEMAILMORE It’s a common script for travelers: Fall in love with a place you’re visiting, start looking at real estate listings in a Main Street window, dream about living the good life. Then you do the math, and the reality of second-home ownership sinks in. Maintenance, real estate taxes and condo fees can add up quickly, and suddenly your summer place looks like a year-round burden. But what if you could offset the cost by making it a part-time vacation rental?
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Because Pittsburgh is in a part of the country that gets very hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter, there’s a tremendous amount of business opportunity for the company’s services, Mr. Haak said. People not only want to be able to live comfortably in their homes year-round, they want a reasonable cost to heat and cool it. That’s where he, as both an energy auditor and building performance analyst,comes in. There are several other insulation companies in Pittsburgh and though his own five-person company is small (he hired a new employee just last week), Mr. Haak said he gets a lot of business from recommendations from other energy auditors. Because they knew me and knew I was actually doing the work, they sent a lot of work my way, he said. Its helped to have a network of people here that know me and know the level of work that we do. Insulwise does around 150 jobs per year, according to Mr.
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