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Home Maintenance Checklist: 6 Things To Do This Spring

How much money should you be saving from each paycheck? More than you think | Deseret News

Also, if dead branches are looming over your home, debris or leaves will begin to fall, accumulating in gutters and causing water to backup. Consider hiring a professional to trim branches if this project seems like too much to handle. Repair the Roof A long winter can prove to be devastating for your roof, and if you don’t take the time to adequately inspect it once the weather gets nice, disaster could be looming. Take an afternoon to head up on the roof and give everything a look over. Keep an eye out for any cracks that will need sealing or any moss or mold that might be accumulating. Act on problem areas sooner rather than later in order to save time and money. Gauge the Gutters Gutters are the unsung heroes of home maintenance. Proper gutter maintenance will prevent serious home damage such as basement flooding and foundation damage. Often overlooked, it is important to make sure that your downspouts drain away from the foundation and gutters are debris-free.
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Make saving a habit While people who make lesser annual amounts may think its harder to save money, most experts recommend saving what you can and building a habit of it. The easiest way Ive found is to set aside a set amount of money from each paycheck and put it in a separate account, said Dan Dzombak, a financial writer and analyst at The Motley Fool. According to Beth Kobliner, author of ” Get a Financial Life ,” the earlier you can start saving, the better. Age 65 may seem like a million years from now, but the truth is, saving small amounts every day, every week, every month can really add up, and its very empowering, Kobliner said. Learn to live within your means In todays world, living within your means may sound old-fashioned. Access to credit cards, loans and other emergency funds easily allow you to spend more than you make. However, relying on credit cards has proved detrimental. According to the Federal Reserve, Americans have buried themselves beneath $853 billion in credit card debt . According to a 2014 survey commissioned by the Consumer Federation of America, 66 percent of Americans admit to struggling to live within their means .
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