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Home Maintenance Checklist: 6 Things To Do This Spring

How much money should you be saving from each paycheck? More than you think | Deseret News

Take a few hours on a nice day to give windows a nice washing – sit back and admire during a family barbecue in the backyard. Caulk the Cracks Cracks can pop up in your house’s exterior walls from just about anything, and can be easily overlooked. Even the smallest of cracks will need to be addressed by applying some sealants. This is especially important during a hot summer, when trying to keep cool air inside. Assess the Appliances Try to find time to give yard appliances and tools a quick evaluation to make sure they’re in good condition before they’re put to the test. Clean the coils of the air conditioning unit and switch out the filters if they’re too dirty.
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The survey found that 33 percent of households that make $75,000 or more each year claimed that a lack of financial discipline kept them from saving money. Similarly, 68 percent of those surveyed cited lifestyle choices such as eating out and entertainment as reasons for not saving money. While these findings might be surprising, the fact is that even Americans who do manage to put some money aside arent saving enough. People are woefully under-saved, for both emergencies and retirement, said Greg McBride, chief financial analyst at McBride cited a similar study released earlier this year, which found that 18 percent of all Americans are saving nothing on a yearly basis, while 28 percent are saving a mere 5 percent of their annual incomes. So how much should the average American be saving? Between emergency savings and the ever-increasing burden of retirement savings that is on the individual, the goal should be 15 percent of your income, said McBride. McBride said that while saving 15 percent of your income may seem daunting, it is possible over time. For a lot of people, it wont happen overnight, said McBride.
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