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Online scholarship fund raises more than $10,000 for future photographers

Jonathan Palmer, a former Kentucky Kernel photographer, said he and his wife Danielle Palmer, a former Kernel writer, set up the account to make it easier for students and young people to donate. The overwhelming outpouring of support has been great, Palmer said. We hoped, but you obviously dont expect it to take off that way. The GoFundMe raised a little more than $8,000 in the first 24 hours. Being able to preserve his legacy seems like the best thing we can do, Palmer said. Duane Bonifer, chairman of Kernel Press Inc., said that although the fundraising and planning is still preliminary, he may speak to the Kernel Board about awarding the first scholarship in the fall of 2015. The thought is that this is a great way to memorialize his life and contributions, Bonifer said. It helps future generations of photographers. Typically an endowment scholarship takes a year, as it needs to be invested and generate interest that will fund the award, Bonifer said.
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