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State Auditor Denies Indictment Charges, Taking Leave Of Absence In May | Kelley Allegedly Stole Millions From Home Borrowers – Bellevue Reporter

Altercare of Navarre’s stylist enjoys her role in improving residents’ lives – News – The Repository – Canton, OH


From 2006 to 2008, the indictment alleges Kelley transferred $95,000 to his personal bank account from one used for business with Old Republic. Kelley is further charged with underreporting his income between 2006 and 2008 by more than $3 million, avoiding about $1 million in income taxes owed to the IRS. Class action lawsuits were filed against Fidelity and Old Republic in 2008 related to borrowers not having their reconveyance fees refunded. Kelley allegedly began shifting $3.78 million from a PCD bank account through “a series of convoluted wire transfers through newly-opened bank account,” according to the indictment. It’s also around this time that federal prosecutors allege Kelley withdrew funds from his personal bank account to provide one class-action suit plaintiff with a cashier’s check for his owed refund; Kelley allegedly covered the fees for the cashier’s check using the Friends of Troy Kelley campaign finance account. Included with the cashier’s check, the indictment states Kelley put in a letter dated to give the impression the refund had been sent on time, and intentionally made an error writing the address to make it seem like the payment had been lost in the mail. The $250 Kelley took from his personal account, he allegedly reimbursed himself using a PCD account.
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A grand jury has indicted Washington Auditor Troy Kelley on multiple charges stemming from allegations he stole money, lied to the IRS to avoid taxes and attempted to cover up his criminal actions during a civil lawsuit. - Courtesy Photo

– - – Johnson often does special work, preparing residents for an outside trip to a family wedding or other occasion. She also has been known to help with makeup when the need arises. Some women have special pillow setups in their beds, or rolled towels, so they dont lie on their hair and mess it up after a hairdo. Johnson said thats old-school, like her. I had a guy the other day said, Can you come talk to the aides and tell them how I like my hair combed? she said. Johnson has been paid the ultimate compliment some 50 times. Thats how many trips she has made to area funeral homes, to complete one final hairdo on a resident who has died.
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