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Business Removes Honey Bees From Home | Wsiltv | Local News

Musk’s Cousins Battle Utilities to Make Solar Rooftops Cheap – Yahoo Finance

Rather than call the exterminator, one man says he’ll take care of the problem and give you a sweet deal in the process. Folks get fearful when they hear the buzz.But when Mike Felty hears it, he gets ready to work. Removing bees from where they don’t belong. “This house in particular I took the entire chimney down, opening the wall up, I’m gonna close it back up and not a dime to the customer,” Felty said of the Christopher home on Church Street. Felty doesn’t do it for the money.Most of his work, like removing bees from the Christopher home, he does for free. “First of all I’m looking to make sure it’s not infected in any way,” he said. “Make sure the honey is all good, there’s no pests or anything. I’m looking to make sure there’s eggs. Mainly looking for the queen, we wanna get her first.” He says saving these bees, means more than money.
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SolarCity went public in 2012; its shares closed yesterday at$55.10, down from $74.01 in September, after lower-than-expected fourth-quarter revenue. In a conference call to discuss 2014 earnings, Lyndon Rive reported that improved technology now allows SolarCity to mount solar panels on flat-roof commercial buildings in three days instead of the three weeks it used to take. During 2014, the companys share of the U.S. rooftop solar market rose 9 percentage points, to 34 percent, as mom-and-pop installers failed to match SolarCitys nationwide marketing clout, GTM says. The Rive brothers come from an entrepreneurial tradition. Lyndon and Peter grew up in Pretoria, South Africa. Their mother, Kaye, is the twin sister of Musks mother, Maye.
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