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Tumblr For Ios Revamped With New Look, Better Blogging Features – Slashgear


Tumblr also accepts video codes from YouTube or Vimeo, now, so your quick video share is now a video post. Great for vloggers who want to distribute their videos across platforms. When submitting content, Tumblr now shines. You can now create a post, right down to titling and description, inside the app. You can also contribute to other blogs you follow, say if your cute dog did something amazing and you want to share it to that funny puppies blog you follow. All done in the app, now. If you need to, you can also delete blogs from the app. Search is also a lot better, where Tumblr will now let you filter results by post type. The widget for iOS brings you trending tags, which redirect you to the app once clicked.
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Winter isn’t coming: Hugo Awards’ own GamerGate is delaying A Song of Ice and Fire | News |


Martin is an avid blogger and a seemingly avid procrastinator that loves hanging out atcomic book and sci-fi conventions. He was in the news this March when he announced hewasnt going to San Diego Comic-Con this year so he could continue work on his next book. Sad news for fans attending the Con and devastating news for those waiting for the new book: this July marks four years since A Dance With Dragons, and hes still going to be working? The Hugo Awards are like the Academy Awards of science fiction and fantasy writing. Theyve been put on by the World Science Fiction Society (now Convention, so WorldCon) since 1953. They award excellence in science fiction novels, short stories, and other mediums. Thefinal list of nominees is decided by ballot, and in recent years WorldCon attendees have gotten the right to vote for the Hugo Awards. This year anyone who bought the $40 entry into one of the WorldCon events from 2014 to 2016 was welcome to vote in the nominee ballot process. The Hugo Awards: Its a rocket, not a penis.
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