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Musk’s Cousins Battle Utilities To Make Solar Rooftops Cheap – Yahoo Finance

And 44 states, including Hawaii, have adopted laws or regulations guaranteeing homeowners retail prices for power they feed onto the grid, although utilities pay wholesale when they buy power from each other. These regulations, called net metering, made sense when solar was in its infancy, says Ching, but no longer. Beyond the price guarantees, companies such as SolarCity are not regulated by state utility commissions, though those commissions have power over how expensive it is for them to wedge themselves onto the grid. SolarCity and other panel installers are fighting solar surcharges that at least a half-dozen states are attempting to impose. In early March, the company filed suit against an Arizona electric utility called the Salt River Project, accusing it of anti-competitive practices for levying fees on home solar systems that SolarCity says are so severe they cut installations by 96 percent. Salt River pricing manager John Tucker acknowledges that new solar hookups have declined but says its becauseSolarCity needs to do a better job of teaching homeowners that solar makes sense even at the new, higher rates.
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Business Removes Honey Bees From Home | WSILTV | Local News

“This house in particular I took the entire chimney down, opening the wall up, I’m gonna close it back up and not a dime to the customer,” Felty said of the Christopher home on Church Street. Felty doesn’t do it for the money.Most of his work, like removing bees from the Christopher home, he does for free. “First of all I’m looking to make sure it’s not infected in any way,” he said. “Make sure the honey is all good, there’s no pests or anything. I’m looking to make sure there’s eggs. Mainly looking for the queen, we wanna get her first.” He says saving these bees, means more than money. “The payoff saving the bees does for me is worth more than charging a customer to remove the bees,” he added. He says bees belong in the environment. “Honey bees are the main pollinators of everything,” Felty explained.
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