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Malala’s Open Letter To Nigeria’s Abducted Schoolgirls –

Now we speak out on behalf of all girls about the right to get a proper education. Our campaign will continue until you and all girls and boys around the world are able to access a free, safe and quality secondary education. Last July, I spent my 17th birthday in Nigeria with some of your parents and five of your classmates who escaped the kidnapping. Your parents are grief-stricken. They love you, and they miss you. My father and I wept and prayed with your parents — and they touched our hearts. The escapee schoolgirls my father and I met impressed us with their resolve to overcome their challenges and to complete their high school education. My father and I promised your parents and the girls who had escaped that we would do all we could to help them. I met Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and urged him to work harder for your freedom.
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Links 4/14/15 | naked capitalism


dcblogger on Links 4/14/15 NSA declares war on general purpose computers working… Greeks quash snap election rumours as eurozone deadline looms Telegraph Eurozone officials slammed Greece for acting like a taxi driver as it just kept asking for money Business Insider. Ive noticed a lot of inchoate anger against taxi drivers in several contexts worldwide over the past year or so. I think its the rage of Richistanis who are forced, by circumstance, to realize their dependence on perceived social inferiors. Hence, Uber. Tepco gives up on rescuing shape-shifting reactor robot Japan Times. Expected to last 10 hours; died in three. Big Brother Is Watching You Watch The Tangle of Coordinated Health Care NYT. Have any readers encountered this syndrome?
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