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How to Stop Fighting Over Money

Being a parent today is filled with lots of temptation to buy lots of things for your children. I’m not even talking about gifts or toys or video games, but things like extracurricular activities, sports equipment, musical instruments, summer camps, trips … the list goes on and on. It is so tempting and so easy to toss endless amounts of money into these things, but that often comes at the expense of your long-term financial stability. If you’re routinely going into debt to make sure your child has a “great” Christmas or to afford yet another set of uniforms and equipment for a sport your child isn’t strongly interested in, stop and ask yourself whether this spending actually makes sense for you and your child. People in their 30s often put off saving for retirement. Retirement still seems incredibly far away when you’re in your 30s. After all, there’s still 30 years between 35 and 65. The catch is that retirement savings is so much more effective when you start saving at a younger age.
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Load More Money is one of the biggest sources of marital discordand it can be one of the toughest to resolve. Thats because when couples argue about how to spend money, theyre not just debating the issue at hand, such as how much they can put on the credit card each month, or whether they can really afford that big vacation. Theyre giving voice to subconscious anxieties that even they may not be aware ofand bumping up against the unarticulated fears of their partners. Maybe it was a childhood of povertyor just the constant fear of povertythat leaves a spouse hating to spend money. Maybe a first spouses secret bank account now is causing distrust in a second marriage. Even benign past experiences can lead to unintended consequences years later.
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