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Get rich using GTA 5 Online Cheats, Tips and Tricks

If you’re worried that you haven’t got enough talent to sell your crafts online, chances are whatever you make will be better than these Etsy disasters . Guide the Web Do you have a knack for searching online, transcribing voice calls, and responding to inquiries quickly? If so, you might be suited to being a ChaCha Guide . ChaCha is a question-and-answer service powered by real people who answer user queries via text messaging and the web. ChaCha Guides can make anywhere from two cents to 20 cents per task depending on their position. That may not sound like much, but if you work fast enough you could make a little spending money in your spare time and sharpen your research skills in the process. Play The Market Thrill-seekers might like to try risking some of their money by playing the foreign exchange markets through sites such as Basically, what you do is trade one international currency for another in the hope the currency you just bought will go up in value. It’s a little like playing the stock market, except you always end up with some form of currency in your hands (even if it is Pesos). But foreign exchange markets are a tricky business and most people who try it end up losing their investment.
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Even though races are still one of the best ways to earn in-game money, by bookmarking any mission you desire you will be able to play it more than once thus quickly and without the use of any GTA Online glitches to make your way through the game. Which mission to bookmark? Even though there are some jobs, as noted in our GTA 5 Online Tips & Cheats tutorial on earning RP, that are easy and fun to do over and over again, when you decide on which mission exactly to bookmark make sure that you choose one that is easy to do in the lowest amount of time possible and at the same time enjoyable for you and earning you enough cash at each run. How to bookmark a mission? In order for you to be able to bookmark a mission in the Grand Theft Auto Online you must have a Rockstar Social Club account that is linked to your Gamertag in the online world of Los Santos. Once you choose the mission that brings you a lot of money, make sure to find the link for it on the social club with the help of this forum postand then bookmark it. What to do after you bookmark a mission?
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