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Blogging Behind Bars (critic’s Pick)

This show propels you to want to know more about Whitney. You care about him. You wonder why America has nearly two million people in prison. You ask yourself what you might do to change the system. Unity Productions is helping to raise money for the Smith familyas legal battle. In the lobby, a 468-page book of Whitneyas blog plus letters he and father exchanged is for sale. Thereas also a silent auction of set pieces: bunk beds, prison jumpsuits and a working toilet. Theater to action: thatas the intention. Blogging Behind Bars is another outstanding work from Unity Productions. BLOGGING BEHIND BARS by Unity Productions (Cincinnati) will be performed 2:30 p.m. May 31, 8:45 p.m.
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7 Common Blogging Mistakes Made by Financial Services Firms – Yahoo Small Business Advisor

7 Common Blogging Mistakes Made by Financial Services Firms image confused

In the blogging world, simplicity is king. A sophisticated blogger knows how vital their readers time is. They explain complex concepts through simple stories and illustrate abstract ideas through metaphors. Its not about dumbing down ideas, but helping readers process the information in less time. If possible, simplify your message; your readers will appreciate it. Blogging Mistake #2: Self-indulgence Your readers are not interested in your stories and your life. As both a financial services firm and a blogger, your real duty is to help readers with their financial concerns and hopefully answer some of their questions. If your personal experiences help this process along, this is fine, especially because these stories add personality and color. However first, ask yourself if the experiences you are sharing can help them, and if your readers can truly get something out of your tales. Blogging Mistake #3: SEO is Your Goal Contents goal is not simply links nor SEO, but to earn the awareness, affection and trust of potential customers. Rand Fishkin Optimizing your blog for search engines should take a backseat to your audiences interests.
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