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5 Ways To Make More Money This Year – Yahoo News

After I lived in a developing country for three years, I pretty much lost the desire to hit the mall on the weekend and buy something cute for no particular reason. It makes me a bit different from the average American woman, but it suits me. When you decide to become a minimalist , I promise you can find about $500 worth of items to sell right in your own home. If you thought no one would ever want your beat up old side table from college, you would be wrong. It’s amazing what people will buy. So, in order to make more money this year, go ahead and start to get rid of the things you no longer need. Then, the next time you want to go shopping, wait a day and see if the desire to shop passes. If you do this enough and develop a new habit of saving, you’ll have more money in your pocket at the end of the year.
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Work From Home? Learn About The Home Office Deduction Before Filing Your Taxes « CBS San Francisco

So if you have one full room, or a portion of one room, that you use primarily for business use, youll need to calculate the percentage of your home that office is, and then use that percentage of your interest, insurance, utilities and other expenses. When You Can Deduct The first rule, when it comes to taking the home office deduction, is actually pretty simple. To know if you qualify for the deduction, you need to regularly use a part of your home exclusively for the task of conducting business. If you just occasionally use your home computer to check your work email, for example, that doesnt qualify as regular and exclusive use. However, if you have an extra room that you regularly use to work from home, then you can take that deduction. There is a second, slightly more complicated rule, in terms of the home office deduction.
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