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I then canceled my subscription just before the free 30-day trial was over.There are other tasks which are much smaller and pay less – for instance, I signed up for a free sample of liquid fabric softener and received 50 cents. Everything adds up. I personally use an e-mail address for doing these offers that’s not my primary e-mail address. Essentially, you’re giving away your contact information for cash with these offers, so you can expect you’ll receive a lot of e-mail advertisements.I like MCFMO, because you can earn cash by performing these various tasks while you’re watching TV.The Big Money is in Referring Other MembersYou can do surveys and offers until you’re blue in the face, but there is obviously a limit to how many that you can do in a short time period. There are people who do make $100-200 per month just by performing the various tasks available.The big money is with referrals, however. The referral program is pretty good. When you start out (and have no referrals), you earn 20% of what people you refer make (1st tier), and you make 10% of anything their referrals earn (2nd tier). As you work your way up, these percentages gradually rise to 30% (1st tier) and 20% (2nd tier).Naturally, the individuals you refer must use MCFMO for what it was intended for.
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