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An Energy App Startup’s Unusual Bid To Make Money From California’s Wholesale Electricity Market – Forbes


Thats part of the sales pitch from a San Francisco-based startup, OhmConnect , which signs up Californians who agree to reduce their electricity use periodically and sells the unused energy to the operator of the states electric grid, the California Independent System Operator. OhmConnects customers would get an email or text that asks them to cut back energy use by, say, turning down the air conditioning or lights, for the next hour. The timing depends on whether the price paid by the grid operator is attractive enough, said Curtis Tongue, the startups co-founder and chief marketing officer. Prices set by the grid operator vary and depend on how much energy it needs to balance supply and demand. The startup keeps 20% of the revenue and gives the remaining 80% to its customers via PayPal PayPal . OhmConnect launched in February 2014, first in the territory of the Pacific Gas and Electric Pacific Gas and Electric . Its now signing up customers of the states two other big electricity utilities as well, Southern California Edison Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric. The startups customers can earn $50 to $150 per year, Tongue said.
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Money Manners: Heirs aren’t entitled to updates – Columns – The Buffalo News

On the other hand, half of my aunts money is going to be his one day, so I can see why he feels entitled to an accounting. M.H., Bakersfield, Calif. Dear M.H.: Your eyesight must be a lot better than ours. All we can see are reasons why Travis doesnt have a leg to stand on. Unless youve left something out, being your aunts heir does not give your cousin the right to see her financial statements while she is still alive, let alone to review her investment decisions or the documents associated with them. Nor does it mean he has a right to the information that your aunt has chosen to share with another prospective heir i.e., you. Moreover, even were Travis not so pushy and ignorant, youd have no right to provide him with information regarding your aunts finances not unless she authorized you to do so.
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