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An Energy App Startup’s Unusual Bid To Make Money From California’s Wholesale Electricity Market – Forbes


Finding organizations that are interested inofferingour service to their supporters is a strong path for growth. Tongue and co-founder Matt Duesterberg, who is the companys CEO and once worked as energy trader in the Californias wholesale energy market, met and came up with the idea for OhmConnect during a hackathon in Oakland, across the bay from San Francisco, in November 2013. They later won first place for its killer idea app at an energy data competition by the U.S. Department of Energy. OhmConnect pitches its service as a good way for consumers to conserve energy and make some money. The two founders realized that they could market their service as a fundraising mechanism by accident. They noticed that a group of their customers in Menlo Park were directing their earnings to the same PayPal account and at first thought some people were scamming the company by duplicating accounts. It turned out that they were funneling money to the same account set up for their elementary school. The idea of dialing back energy use to make money isnt new. The concept is called demand response and is usually a service offered by utilities as a way to manage demand and supply.
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Money Manners: Heirs aren’t entitled to updates – Columns – The Buffalo News

M.H., Bakersfield, Calif. Dear M.H.: Your eyesight must be a lot better than ours. All we can see are reasons why Travis doesnt have a leg to stand on. Unless youve left something out, being your aunts heir does not give your cousin the right to see her financial statements while she is still alive, let alone to review her investment decisions or the documents associated with them. Nor does it mean he has a right to the information that your aunt has chosen to share with another prospective heir i.e., you. Moreover, even were Travis not so pushy and ignorant, youd have no right to provide him with information regarding your aunts finances not unless she authorized you to do so.
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