Can Subscription-based Vessel Take On Youtube? –

The concept, which has been in beta testing for two months, debuts Tuesday. Anyone who signs up with Vessel by 3 a.m. EDT Friday will receive a one-year subscription for free. Vessel’s ambitions sound like wishful thinking to Forrester Research analyst Jim Nail, who doubts many people will pay to watch a video that will be available for free within a few days. “That kind of restriction only works when you have content that people are really knocking down the doors to see,” Nail says. “It is going to totally come down to what kind of content that they can get. Unless they have the content that justifies paying $3 a month, nothing will save them.” Vessel so far has about 70,000 video clips separated into about 160 categories, including sports, comedy, music, video games and food. Many clips are free and supported by ads, just like most video on YouTube. Vessel’s subscription side features videos from about 130 contributors.
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Novice Retail Traders in Danger of Online Money-Making Scams Warns Leading Forex Educator… — LONDON, March 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ –

I want traders to learn how to identify their bad habits and replace them with good ones. Hopefully, my free video series helps traders achieve this,” explains Jarratt Davis. “It’s incredibly important that traders manage their emotions and feeling when working in a live trading environment. I hope that my video series will help traders acknowledge this. Many traders will also experience phases of anxiety and doubt about their own performance. The content within my video series will help traders remove emotion from their decision making process.” To date, thousands have registered to receive Jarratt Davis’ educational resources in the hope that they can push their trading to an institutional level. “I’m incredibly fortunate to be in a position where I can share my expertise with so many aspiring traders, it really is a privilege. I know how a successful forex career can change lives for the better, from both my own experience and the stories of my students. I think this is why forex is becoming a popular method for people looking to address their work to life balance,” adds Jarratt Davis.
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