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You are more likely to be taken on if you have nearby parking to house the film trucks and other paraphernalia. Note: this is not for the faint of heart or very houseproud, as you will have huge numbers trampling through your home. A contract should be in place to cover damage and insurance. If you use an agency such as , remember to factor in its cut. Solar panels Although no longer quite as generous as it once was, the government’s feed-in-tariff scheme, which pays homeowners for every unit of electricity generated by solar panels mounted on their roof, is still a hassle-free way to make some spare money. It also currently offers better returns than you’ll get on savings in the building society. On top of that, you should also see your energy bills fall. Setting up a biggish (4kw) system will now set you back 6,500, but it should generate an income or savings of 350-400 a year, for 25 years . That includes the amount you save in using free electricity while the sun’s out which only looks like it will get more valuable as electricity prices rise. The returns are better in the southern half of the UK and ideally you need a south-ish facing roof, but you can still make a decent return from other roofs too. This is a great one for higher rate 40% taxpayers, as the income is not taxed.
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Shawshank Redemption continues to make money 20 years later – Local 12 WKRC-TV Cincinnati – Top Stories

While the movie saw an underwhelming performance, only bringing in $18 million at the box office, when it was released in Sept. 1994, it gained a foothold in popularity when it came out on video and was played on television cable networks. Shawshank was the top video rental in 1995 and while cable networks were growing, it was a fixture for movie time slots. On IMDB, fans of the movie have continuously ranked Shawshank as one of the top movies among the first and second “Godfather” films. “It’s an incredible moneymaking asset that continues to resonate with viewers,” said Jeff Baker, executive vice president and general manager of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment theatrical catalog. While Warner Bros. won’t say how much money the film has made, it was one of 6,000 feature movies that helped generate $1.5 billion in licensing fees for television and $2.2 billion from home videos and electronic delivery in 2013. The popular film was adapted from the novella, “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption”, by Stephen King.
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