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Make Money Online: 100+ Tools And Resources


Choose from text based advertisements, sponsored ads and paid blog reviews to name a few. CrispAds – Access to over six thousand advertisers in their pay-per-click program. You choose the advertisers that suit you best. Chitika – Offers six types of advertising to fit your needs. AzoogleAds – Delivers targeted advertisers to their network of publishers to bring you the most profitable solutions. Vibrant Media – Offers in-text contextual based advertisements. MediaFed – Place advertisements in your blog’s RSS feed to generate additional revenue.
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How to make money online


For instance, it may be wise as a legal practitioner to break down the services you offer and place on your website so as to attract Small and Medium Enterprises that usually regard legal services as something only big businesses can afford. One of the key secrets with making money online is to do everything within your power to price your product as competitive as possible with the aim of making it affordable and accessible to a larger percentage of clients. Start a blog One of the goals of the ICT Clinic page is to help you start and run a successful blog using one of the worlds most popular blogging software WordPress. For me, the decision to start a professional blog some four years ago has helped tremendously. Besides the little money I make from advertisements on my blog, there is also the opportunity to make money as an affiliate of other products or services. Most importantly, owning a blog has helped me win big offline consulting gigs and speaking opportunities that I might ordinarily not have been properly positioned for. Online freelancing An increasing number of Nigerians (I know a few) have jumped on the online freelancing bandwagon and they are truly making ends meet. Online freelancing is huge at the moment and countries like India is a testimony to that fact.
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