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What Blogging Has Become – Yahoo Finance

Medium doesnt want you to read something because of who wrote it; Medium wants you to read something because of what its about. And because of the implicit promise that Medium = quality. Okay, so, this is totally different now! With New Medium, a post doesnt need to exist inside a publication-which-is-the-thing-that-used-to-be-called-a-collection. It can exist under your byline alone. That youre the author is the organizing fact. And that means that Medium The Company has abandoned the tenet that differentiated it at launch: that the burden of authorship-over-time is what kept people from writing online. In 2013, Atlantic contributing editor Alexis Madrigal tried to get a handle on Medium on its first birthday: If Medium is a publication, [writers] work is situated within the journalistic tradition, with goals separate from corporate imperatives. If Medium is a platform and the goal is for it to acquire more users, then everything that gets posted on its site is marketing for that platform itself, even the very best stuff. Medium has only leaned further into this tension.
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Daily Blogging For More Website Lead Generation – Yahoo Finance

Before we’ll discuss a few important strategies on how to encourage more people to read and share your blog posts, we have to know first what type of content most people love to consume. You can’t just go around and create whatever content you like. You need to find out what content format most people prefer that are likely to lead to more conversions. Globally, 52% of marketing professionals identify video as the top content that produces the best ROI. A recent study ( ) reports that interactive content such as apps, calculators, polls, and quizzes yields conversions very well 70% of the time. This is when compared to just 36% of the time for passive content. Though the statistics above show that videos are more popular and have indeed brought more ROI, it can’t also be denied that your content must also depend on the preference of your target audience. Thus, you should always put your target market in mind when deciding what type of content to blog. Producing creative and enticing blog content is quite challenging but making people patronize them is even tougher. Find out the most common problems of your target audience. The best way to find out what your target audience need is to listen to what they are talking or saying.
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