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What Blogging Has Become – Yahoo Finance

Or have they fully abandoned HTML, and now theyre trying their luck with a podcast? Its worth asking the question, because of course of course they dont blog. Blogging I mean, honey, dont even say the word. No one actually blogs anymore, except maybe undergrads on their first week of study abroad. 2015 has been, so far, dismal for the art. On the establishment side, theres burned-out Andrew Sullivan polishing off the Daily Dish a little more than two years after he took it independent. Meanwhile, the old alt-blog kingmaker, Carles, sold his Hipster Runoff to an unnamed Australian investor for $21,100 this week . Open up an old blog and it was a list of posts in reversechronological order (meaning newest-at-top), written by a single author or a set of them, with a collection of topics connecting the whole enterprise together. Meanwhile, in the right rail, there was a list of other blogs read by this one.
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Daily Blogging For More Website Lead Generation – Yahoo Finance

Of course, this is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your blog that are more likely to convert. If your blog posts are properly optimized (with the right keywords), you can gain more targeted traffic from search engines. Those who are actually searching for what you can offer are the ones who are more likely to become paying customers compared to those ones who’ve just seen or hear an advertisement about your brand. Getting more visibility in search means getting higher chances of attracting more blog readers, thus always make sure that SEO is part of your blog marketing priorities. Contribute blog articles on famous blog sites. This strategy is quite effective and has already been proven to work. If you need more traffic and more targeted readers, you have to establish relationship with famous bloggers and ask them if you can contribute an article to their websites. Make sure that you only contribute to those blogs with content highly similar to yours or if you share the same space/industry. For example, if you are blogging about SEO, you can contribute to blogs that feature content about online marketing, social media, and of course SEO. Contributing regularly to older and well-established blogs doesn’t only increase the chances of getting more readers, it can also help you establish your reputation and authority in your industry.
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