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Home Tour: Camp Washington eyesore rehabbed with help from community and county – Story

It’s the newest, high-tech way to work from home or even be a secret shopper – apps that offer to pay you for doing tasks. But just what could you be trading, even risking, for those extra bucks? And what exactly do you have to do? From uploading pictures of her grocery receipts for cash to watching videos on her phone to earn gift cards, work-at-home mom Nicole McDonald says she makes about $1,000 a year using money-making apps. “I like using apps that pay me cash and rewards because it’s a super easy way to just get some extra income,” McDonald said. There are hundreds of apps that let you cash in. Receipt Hog is the one McDonald uses to upload sales slips.
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They were impressed that their friends Community Board-backed home was so beautifully finished and affordable. You pay twice for what you get here plus you get more regulations, Matt said of East Side real estate. We didnt know if Camp Washington was where we wanted to live because its still a little rough, Matt said. We went to the Board and discussed their plans and were convinced that nows the time to move in and purchase a home. I think we wound up making out like bandits here, he said. Gorman agrees, but said its worth the Boards money and time to bring in smart, good people like the Campbells who bring children back to the working-class neighborhood. Thirty-five to 40 years ago, there were tons of kids in Camp, Gorman said.
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