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Opening Their Home And Hearts To A Teen From Liberia

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She worried about a lack of privacy in her own home now that someone she was still getting to know lived there, and she worried that John’s charismatic personality might overshadow her Dorian and Denny. “I felt selfish for having those feelings,” she says. But Gerry told her it was natural. “And I’d get back on track.” Thread by thread, John became woven into the family fabric. Gerry and Daryl went to his wrestling matches – a kind of support that John had never had. They added his graduation portrait to the family photos on the mantel. Some nights, John would wake up in a terror, and Gerry would talk to him.
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“We are definitely seeing more and more apps that at least say that they’ll make you money if you use them,” said Jennifer Jolly, a tech expert. But apps could be cashing in your privacy. Buried deep in the fine print, some admit they find your precise GPS location, prevent a device from sleeping, send SMS messages, modify or delete contents of your USB storage, download files without notification, take pictures and video, and even record audio. “Yes, they need to monetize you and ensure that you’re located where you say that you are, but they’re collecting way too much information,” said Gary Miliefsky, a cybersecurity expert. Experts say if you’re going to use a money-making app, you should review its privacy policy and what information the app accesses. Also, see where the app company is located and don’t download any app that pops up as a link in a text message. “For the most part, these apps are fairly safe. If you download them from the iTunes store or Google Play store, you have a few more built in security measures,” Jolly said.
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