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How I Landed My First Book Deal – Yahoo Finance

Anti-austerity economist says to become Greek finance minister – Yahoo News

That was more than a decade ago. A few years later I started blogging and writing columns, was pretty successful at it, and ultimately reached the conclusion that Im now an OK writer. A few years ago I decided to re-read that first manuscript and couldnt get past page 10. What a piece of junk. Over the years Ive occasionally bounced around a concept or two that crossed my mind with some agents and publishers Ive since come to know. I dipped my toe in the water a few times but, for one reason or another, it never worked out. Last year I finally came up with the right idea, connected with a top-tier agent who helped me refine it, and landed a publisher. This time, it feels right. As a former marketing chief I know exactly what it takes to win big over the long haul. It takes great products that reach and excite lots of customers. When you enter a new business it takes some trial and error to get to the point where youve achieved professional validation and are positioned for success.
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In interviews last week, Varoufakis said the new cabinet would quickly get to work implementing campaign pledges to end what Syriza calls a “humanitarian crisis” unfolding in Greece, fight corruption and bureaucracy. A Syriza-led government would immediately submit a series of bills to fight a “triangle of corruption” between media, banks, builders, state suppliers, he told the Ta Nea newspaper. But speaking to Irish radio on Tuesday, Varoufakis also said he planned to negotiate a solution with lenders, saying he had already had an “encouraging and inspiring” chat with the head of the euro zone finance ministers, Jeroen Dijsselbloem. “Make no mistake: what is beginning today is a process of deliberation with our European partners,” he said. “As the next finance minister, I can assure you that I shall not go into the Eurogroup seeking a solution that is good for the Greek taxpayer and bad for the Irish, Slovak, German, French and Italian taxpayer.” In a sign of the challenges ahead for Tsipras’s fledgling government, Moody’s ratings agency warned that the uncertainty created by Syriza’s victory was negative for the country’s credit rating. Critics say it will be difficult for Tsipras to satisfy campaign pledges without depleting the state’s cash coffers. Greece is due to receive over 7 billion euros in aid but that looks uncertain after Tsipras’s victory. The new prime minister is also under pressure to quickly raise the minimum wage back to 751 euros as promised during the campaign, as well as give free electricity and food stamps to the poor and restore a Christmas bonus for poor pensioners. Tsipras, a former student Communist, has also pledged to freeze public sector layoffs as demanded under the country’s 240-billion-euro bailout, and stop an unpopular evaluation process for civil servants. The cabinet is also expected to include the leader of his junior coalition partner, the right-wing Independent Greeks party. Panos Kammenos is expected to take the defense portfolio.
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