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How Much Money Did ‘The Interview’ Make? Sony Comedy Earns $18 million In Theaters And Online

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Requiring people to share a video before even seeing it is a major warning sign and a frequent hallmark of Facebook scams; the criminals want to use you, and the trust your Facebook friends have for you, to continue spreading their scam. View gallery Don’t Believe These AirAsia Flight 8501 Scams Even if you do like and share it, another popup will demand that you complete a survey before you’re allowed to view the video. If you click this, you’ll be redirected to another website that hosts the survey. The website will claim that taking the survey will make you eligible to win prizes, and will ask for your mobile number and other contact information. If you give this information, you’re actually agreeing to sign up for a shady text messaging service, in which the scammers will send you texts and charge you several dollars per text. You may also start to receive unsolicited marketing calls, says Hoax-Slayer. And that’s not all. Some victims of this scam have seen pop-ups telling them they need to download a “video plugin update” to view the alleged video about the missing AirAsia flight. This is another major warning sign malware very often pretends to be a video player or video plugin in order to trick people into willingly downloading it. In this case, the “video plugin” is adware that will infect the browser to which you installed it and fill it with unwanted ads. “Online criminals always quickly exploit disasters such as air crashes.
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Sony Comedy Earns $18 million In Theaters And Online By Christopher Zara @christopherzara on December 29 2014 1:45 PM 0 0 Sonys assassination satire “The Interview” earned a record $15 million in online rentals and sales during the four-day holiday weekend. Sony Pictures After provoking a cyberattack, anonymous death threats and condemnation from a totalitarian government, Sony Pictures Entertainments The Interview survived its opening weekend unscathed. Although its still unclear if the Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy will make back its production budget, its off to a pretty good start, grossing about $18 million during the four-day holiday weekend online and in theaters. Sonys decision to release the film online before its theatrical debut turned out to be a smart business move. The studio said Monday the film earned more than $15 million in online sales and rentals. It made $2.8 million more in box-office ticket sales, opening in limited release at 331 theaters on Christmas Day. All told, the bro comedy heard around the world was the fifth highest-grossing movie of the holiday weekend, right behind Ben Stillers Night at the Museum 3, which took in $20 million, according to Box Office Mojo. Sonys North Korea-set farce performed better than Paramount Pictures The Gambler, which also opened on Christmas Day.
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