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Twitter Asked To Remove Account For Posting Hacked Data – Analyst Blog – Yahoo Finance

While copyrighted material used for the benefit of the public would be protected by the fair use clause, its unclear whether the same protection would be available to illegally obtained data. But there are likely other defenses available to Twitter under the Communications Decency Act. However, it might be better for Twitter to comply with Sonys demand, it if only to avoid getting involved in a costly lawsuit for the sole purpose of proving its innocence (it has no financial incentive to fight Sony in court). On the other hand, Sony may demand a hefty compensation for the use of leaked data. Of late, Twitter has been plagued by the slowdown in its user growth rate. Attracting more advertising revenues will be difficult if it cannot get its user growth back on track, especially considering the significant competition from Facebook, Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) and market leader, Google (GOOGL). We believe that the acquisitions of Cover, Gnip, TapCommerce, Namo Media and CardSpring will expand Twitters product portfolio and monetization capability. Furthermore, the companys foray into e-commerce by testing the Buy Now button is a significant positive, in our view.
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Which tech start-ups got the most ink in 2014?

Here’s the rundown of the two lists based on AirPR analysis. 10 tech start-ups that received the most press mentions in 2014 Pinterest Snapchat Etsy While the online bulletin board Pinterest has long been a Silicon Valley darlingvalued at $1.5 billion way back in mid-2012it was only the eighth most-popular subject of stories among start-ups. Pinterest’s name pops up with frequency because it’s become among the most trafficked sites in the world, and was the 41st most popular U.S. web property in March, according to comScore . Pinterest is a favored place consumers turn to see what’s fashionable, to find a great salad recipe or to discover new ways to decorate kids’ bedrooms. The New York Times cooking site partnered with Pinterest in November, putting a group of food editors from the newspaper in charge of pinning their favorite recipes.

The power of Pinterest

CNBC's Julia Boorstin reports on the advertising influence of Pinterest during the holiday retail season.

A similar dynamic is true of Kickstarter . Since its launch in 2009, the crowdfunding site has been the spot where 76,000 projects have raised money and more than $1 billion has been pledged. Smashing successes on the funding platform include the original Pebble smartwatch and virtual reality goggles from Oculus, the company that Facebook acquired this year for $2 billion.
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