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Tweeting Principal Energizes Staff And Students, While Engaging Parents –

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They use Google Hangouts for videoconferencing, Google Drive for storing and commenting on students’ work in real time, and Kidblog for student blogs. Eric Sheninger, a national expert on the use of digital technology on campuses, said he is surprised that the use of social media in schools hasn’t caught on in a bigger way, particularly in the Bay Area. He believes less than 20 percent of school leaders nationwide are using Twitter and other online tools. The rest, he said, “are either fearful or resistant to change or very comfortable doing what’s been done the same way for the past 400 years.” Welcome’s tech-savvy approach to running a school has caught the attention of the Contra Costa and Santa Clara County offices of education, which have tapped him to offer professional development to educators about his use of tech tools to increase parent engagement and staff collaboration. “It’s open house here every day,” Welcome, 35, said last Friday as he checked his phone for messages and tweets from parents, teachers and colleagues around the country who share his passion for collaborating online in a virtual professional learning community. Welcome said the school has discontinued its monthly newsletter and rarely sends home fliers or e-mails, since Twitter and Remind work so well. He also loves to hold virtual meetings online through Google Hangouts. “E-mail is so like 20 years ago,” he said. “Google Hangouts are our life.” The school’s website home page features the school’s Twitter feed and podcasts, along with a YouTube video that includes John Swett students talking about building school community on campus and online. The website has links to every teacher’s Twitter handle, the school’s blog, an online Flickr photo album and a fundraising site for parents to donate money for instructional materials.
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