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The Durango Herald
11/26/2014 |
Home for the holidays

Mara Cuellar, who works at Mercy Regional Medical Center, and her six children unpack in their new Habitat for Humanity-built Bayfield home Wednesday. The family has just begun to move into the energy-efficient home, which Cuellar is buying using sweat equity as the down payment.

Dont overlook nontraditional stores. Many other stores, from pharmacies to supermarkets, stock items apart from food and toiletries. Consider taking advantage of their sales for some Black Friday deals. Park off campus. Mall parking lots can get just as crowded as the stores themselves. Save yourself time and the stress of finding a spot by parking near the store but away from the crowd. Clean out your car prior to shopping. Make room in the trunk or cargo area for all of your purchases. For those who will be buying large, heavy items, find out if the store will ship the merchandise or will hold it aside until you can take it home.
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Theyre all mine now, she said. I dont really think of them any other way. Not a free home In addition to the 3,300 hours put in by volunteers as construction labor, Cuellar herself put in 280 hours, 30 more than required as a single head of household. The hours of sweat equity serve as her down payment. Because none of her children is 18, she had to put in all the hours herself. Shes amazing, Taylor-Saghie said. For someone who goes to work at 5 p.m. at night and takes care of six kids, she would still show up at 8 a.m.
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