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Valerie Combs, a consumer trend expert at, said, “Every year, millions of people come to Ask to get answers, and learn new things through the natural conversational format of Q&A. As a result, we get unique insight into not only what is resonating with millions of consumers today, but how that might evolve in the year ahead.” Topping the news list for 2014 were searches for “What are the symptoms of Ebola?” It appears that as the virus spread from Africa to the United States, there was a definite spike in volume for the search. And because of unrest in Israel, searches related to Israel and Hamas topped the news list. The most searched for celebrities in 2014 included Robin Williams and Joan Rivers, who both passed away tragically, as well as celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, who were part of the nude photo hacking scandal. Related articles Predicted Lifestyle & Entertainment Headlines for 2015 Keeping Up With the Kardashians is canceled after its 10th season. Nashville edges out New Orleans as the top Southern U.S. travel destination. Michael Keaton is one of the top contenders to be cast in third season ofTrue Detective. Wyatt breaks into the top 100 baby names for girls. The bulldog dethrones the Labrador as Americas most popular dog. Stephen Colbert becomes the winner of the late night talk show wars.
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Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes: 10 Dishes That Use The Last Of Your Turkey Day Meal


Reuters We get it. You created this incredible Thanksgiving feast for your family and they had the gall to not eat every last savory bite. Here you are with a mountain of leftovers, zero fridge space and a cavalcade of family members sticking around for a while longer. You dont want to throw away a bunch of perfectly good food but you also dont want to serve Thanksgiving dinner for the rest of the week. To help avoid either fate, you can use any of these wonderful Thanksgiving leftover recipes to repackage your feast. Cornbread Stuffing Muffins Youll need little more than some cornbread, a muffin tin and your leftover turkey stuffing. This easy-bake snack will have your family reaching for more after just 30-minutes of baking. ( Recipe from A Spicy Perspective ) Turkey and Mashed Potatoes Pot Pie This recipe takes two of the most common Thanksgiving leftovers (turkey and mashed potatoes) and combines them into a fun dish that no one in the family would dare turn their noses at. For 20 minutes of baking, this meal can be on your table as early as Dec. 1.
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