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So what happened to tax policy, which might be thought to play a starring role as both cause and effect of the drama? Well, pretty much, nothing. It was not until the early hours of 2013 that we saw any changes to the income tax at all, and these were mainly to add a few percentage points to the rate bracket in which a handful of the highest earners found themselves — those couples earning more than $450,000 a year. Earlier this year, the French economist Thomas Piketty saw his monumental work “Capital in the 21st Century” translated into English and promptly rocket up all kinds of bestseller lists. Piketty’s volume tells the tale of how the United States, in particular, is approaching the highest levels of wealth and income inequality in recorded history. And what has been the policy response to Piketty’s prognosis? Well, again, nothing, unless you consider a return to a Republican Senate, and a fully divided government, something.
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