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Au10tix Announces Advanced Chinese Id Authentication & Content Extraction Capabilities For Online

Service Providers You Should Tip for the Holidays – Yahoo News

Unlike conventional technologies, AU10TIX BOSs machine learning enhanced platform works faster, can detect image forgeries and not just data inconsistencies, can handle borderline image qualities better, and provides specific flagging on any issues to enable immediate response. China has just become more accessible for KYC regulated services such as payments, money transfer, financial services, legal services, social media and many other verticals, says Ron Atzmon, Managing Director of AU10TIX: The Chinese Passport we cover very well is now joined by the Chinese official ID card. Unlike the Passport, Chinas ID is all Chinese language thus posing a major problem for service providers. Now, the language barrier is much lower and automation can replace and augment manual processing at a whole new level and unmatched speed. Huanying to the Chinese market! Just to make sure were on the same page, AU10TIX BOS is not just OCR-ing Chinese IDs. It is recognizing the data elements and tagging them for immediate use, says Ofer Friedman, VP Marketing of AU10TIX: But the implications, especially for international service providers are enormous not just from the usability point of view. Simply calculate how many back office people youd need to have in order to handle this giant market effectively.
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Your Doorman Suggested Tip: $25 to $100 each. The higher end of our suggested range, or even more if you can afford to be extra-generous, is for those who help you the most or provide exceptional service (think:heavy grocery-bag luggers or expert taxi-cab hailers). And in high-end neighborhoods (hello, Upper East Side), doormen might be used to pocketing those bigger tips. “When in doubt, ask around,” says Peggy Post of the Emily Post Institute. But if a neighbor tells you that she’s tipping twice as much as you can afford, don’t feel obliged to match it. Also be sure to check with your building association first. You may be able to contribute to a collective fund that will be distributed appropriately to staff members. Your Child’s Teacher Suggested Tip: A thoughtful gift. A tip for a teacher could look like a bribe. But a small gift accompanied by a note or drawing from your child is a nice thank-you for an educator’s hard work.
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