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Isis Online Recruitment: 3 Colorado Teenage Girls A Textbook Case

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Multiple signs seem to point to social media. In addition to following online jihadists from around the world, the teens followed the Twitter account “Jihadi News,”which is the same account followed by Martin Rouleau. Rouleau, 25, drove his car into two Canadian soldiers in Quebec last month, killing one, and then committed suicide. They also followed the account “Women of Islam,” which encourages women to make sacrifices for the sake of jihad, and they followed an account under the name “Sara,” where YouTube jihadi lectures would be constantly tweeted. “The process they underwent– from use of social media, radicalization, recruitment online, even through the actual travel route to join the Islamic State — all follow the exact same pattern shared by several hundred Westerners,” wrote Katz, who has called the girls’ attempted trip a “case study.” The girls radicalization occurred over several months through social media. One of them shared a tweet from a recruiter: “I love my mother, but my love for jihad and my lord (is) greater.” In fact, all three of them spent extensive time on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, SITE said. Each of the girls has thousands of tweets, with the highest amount being 13,000. “What it really demonstrates is the tremendous power of social media,” Jonathan Adelman, a professor at the University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies said, according to the Denver Post.
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Online auctions fill Pa. municipal coffers | Milford PA | Local News

Ashbaugh said Pittsburgh chose GovDeals after a competitive bid process with five entries. City Council authorized a resolution allowing the city to enter the contract in September. GovDeals brands itself as a liquidity services marketplace.” Joe Sedlak, director of human resources for Monroeville government, called it eBay for governments.” Monroeville signed up for the site in 2007. In the past four years, Sedlak said the municipality has collected about $169,000. We make way more money than we did with the sealed bid auctions we used to do,” Sedlak said. Bidders come from across the country, he said. Monroeville’s heavy equipment and former police cars have headed as far away as Africa and South America.
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