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At A Glance: Pros, Cons Of Mobile-payment Systems – Yahoo News

You might lose out on some rewards and other benefits your card offers because the transaction is indirect. ___ SOFTCARD This NFC system was developed by three of the leading wireless providers: Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. Unfortunately, it works with so few cards that the most practical way to use it is to set up a prepaid account, defeating the purpose of having a “credit” card. Pros: Apps are available for Android and Windows devices. Cons: It works with few cards (American Express, Chase and Wells Fargo only). For the prepaid account, the fine print warns of various fees. ___ LOOPPAY You tap your phone similar to NFC, but this system actually reproduces the signals from a magnetic swipe, so it should work with existing equipment. Pros: It works with more cards and merchants than other mobile systems. Cons: You need to buy hardware, such as a phone case with the LoopPay transmitter in it. It has trouble with some older readers, as well as transit fares, parking meters and other machines that require you to fully insert a card, like a bank ATM.
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What should I do about my Double Take Offer to Mixer’s? Your Stories – powered by NewsChannel 9 WSYR Syracuse

The website for Double Take Offers sells pre-paid certificates to you, at a lower price. You then use these certificates to make your purchase at the specific business. According to its website, Double Take Offers says they will refund your money if a business closes. So for Sue and anyone else who bought one of these offers to Mixer’s, you are entitled to your money back. You can contact Double Take Offers though their website or by phone. Got a question for the Your Stories team? We’ll try to answer it.
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