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‘supernatural’ Recap: ‘paper Moon’ | Season 10 Episode 04 |

[Major shout-out to the Supernatural team for sitting the guys near a "No Hunting" sign.] But these are the Winchesters, and saving people, hunting things is their M.O., so after reading one pesky story in the newspaper about multiple murders, they’re off to find some wonderfully tight shirts and start investigating. So what in their professional opinion is to blame for the “animal attacks”? Blogging, ice caps, and Obama for starters. Just like that, I remember how much I’ve missed these two. After discovering that they’re more than likely dealing with a werewolfthe missing hearts were a dead giveawaythe guys follow a lead to a nearby barn, where they stumble upon more than one heartless chicken. [Insert "tastes like chicken" joke here.] The heartless chickens take the guys to Kate, whom fans will recognize from the season 8 episode in which the college girl suddenly found herself stuck between her werewolf boyfriend and his werewolf friend. Long story short, the werewolf friend killed her boyfriend, and she retaliated by killing the werewolf friend after being turned herself. She then left Sam and Dean a video confessional where she begged for her life and promised to live on the Stefan Salvatore-approved animal-only diet. So what happened to Werewolf Barbie? Well for one thing, she got better at escaping.
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AddThis Q3 Analysis Reveals Steady Increase in Mobile Content Engagement and Top Categories and Methods for Social Sharing – Yahoo Finance

Among those sites using AddThis website tools, mobile traffic has steadily increased more than six percent each month since April 2014, providing the company with insight into content engagement actions of more than 743 million unique mobile users. Mobile traffic now accounts for 37 percent of total online traffic, compared to 33 percent at the end of June. The AddThis quarterly analysis provides advertisers, publishers and agencies with key insight and trending data that are critical to online content development and personalization strategies. The most recent analysis uncovered the following: When it comes to mobile content, the categories that saw the most engagement, as defined by page views over the quarter were family and parenting, travel and retail. Specifically, pregnancy related content saw 187 percent more traffic from mobile. Retail content received 6.3 percent of mobile traffic and travel content received 6.1 percent of mobile traffic. Meanwhile, the content categories that dominated on the desktop were finance and education. Specifically, educational content sees 74 percent more traffic from desktop computers and 64 percent of traffic to personal finance content occurred on a desktop. Politics and current events peak between 5 a.m. 8 a.m. Style & Fashion and Entertainment peak between 6 p.m.
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