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Christie In State To Raise Money, Tout Hutchinson

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Christie in state to raise money, tout Hutchinson Get started in less than 60 seconds. Pick a plan below to sign up! *$30 per month outside of Central Arkansas. More than 600,000 people throughout the state read the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette each month. Subscribe today to see what you’ve been missing. Stay InformedKnow more about what’s going on in the world, in Arkansas and in your own neighborhood. Save MoneyThousands of dollars in savings every day with deals from our local advertisers, Arkansas’ largest classifieds section and our huge Sunday coupon package.
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Ways to Waste Your Money – Slide Show – Yahoo News

That means most singles, seniors and kids don’t need a policy. Other policies you can probably do without include credit-card insurance (better to use the premium to pay down your debt in the first place), rental-car insurance (most auto policies and credit cards carry some coverage) and mortgage life insurance (a regular term-life insurance policy is more comprehensive). See 5 Insurance Policies You Don’t Need for coverage that isn’t worth buying. Overspending on Gas and Oil There’s no need to spring for premium fuel if the auto manufacturer says regular is just fine. If your car can use flex fuel — a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline — it still might be more cost effective to stick with regular gasoline. Even though the average price of flex fuel currently is less per gallon than gas, vehicles get fewer miles per gallon with it because ethanol contains less energy (see Will Flex Fuel Save You Money? to learn more). To lower your gas costs even more, consider one of our picks for the 14 Most Fuel-Efficient Cars, 2014 .
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