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More > MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – Residents in and around the Cleveland Court Housing Community in Montgomery have a strong message for vandals who destroyed the former home of Civil Rights leader Rosa Parks. They say the vandalism is a total disregard for the value of a housing project that was soon to be renovated, as well as Parks, an icon in the Civil Rights movement. “This is a shame and I’m really saddened and hurt that something like this would actually take place in our community after we fought so hard to try and turn our community around and bring it back up,” Montgomery resident Charles Dillihay said. Dillihay and other concerned neighbors, politicians and community activist like Doris Crenshaw came together to make a stand and reflect on the significance of Rosa Parks’ Apartment, now a mini-museum. Montgomery Housing Authority officials say the vandalism happened sometime between Friday and Monday and was discovered at the beginning of the week when officials, on site clearing out the office, discovered broken windows in several units. Thieves made entry and destroyed plumbing and gutted several units looking for copper. Officials say thieves pulled a truck into a vacant lot behind Cleveland Court and ripped down a portion of a gate before entering the apartment complex. They then stole copper from 17 units. Residents were particularly angred by the destruction of Parks’s home.
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The walls in the kitchen of Rosa Parks

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