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Two Rules To Herd Them All – Herding Techniques Of Sheepdogs – Science News – Redorbit

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The model showed that sheepdogs most likely use just two simple rules: collect the sheep when they are separated, and drive them forward when they are collected. Using a single shepherd, the model simulation was able to move a flock of more than 100 individuals successfully using these two rules. If you watch sheepdogs rounding up sheep, the dog weaves back and forth behind the flock in exactly the way that we see in the model, King said in an NERC statement . According to The Telegraph , a sheepdog doesnt actually look at the sheep, but at the gaps between them. The weaving motion of the dog is to force the sheep to close up the gaps by presenting them with a predator, forcing them to try to move to the center of the herd for protection. We had to think about what the dog could see to develop our model. It basically sees white, fluffy things in front of it. If the dog sees gaps between the sheep, or the gaps are getting bigger, the dog needs to bring them together, he explains. At every time step in the model, the dog decides if the herd is cohesive enough or not. If not cohesive, it will make it cohesive, but if its already cohesive the dog will push the herd towards the target, says Strombom.
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