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How To Stay Productive Working From Home |

Create very strict boundaries where there are no dogs, kids or spouses allowed, says Cardone. The door needs to remain shut with only those that have top clearance allowed access. The work space should also be void of distractions. For instance, forgo putting a TV in your office or checking Facebook five times a day. 3. Keep Regular Work Hours and Prepare Maintaining normal office hours can help maintain productivity. According to Joel Garfinkle, author of Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level, not only should you strictly abide by your work hours, you should make sure your family and friends also respect the rules. Your family and friends need to pretend you simply aren’t there, unless it’s a dire emergency, says Garfinkle. Remind your family of these hours and let them know you expect them to respect your work time so that you wont have to work when you should be spending with them. In addition to setting the hours, career experts say its a good idea not to work all day in your pajamas. Keep your normal preparation routine, take a shower and get dressed, even if your commute is just down the hall.
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Woman Says Police Left Her Stranded With No Money After Arresting Her Fiance For DUI

18 Moments In Our History That Are Hard To Believe

And [Deputy Watkin] immediately told him, Were not taking her home. Its not our obligation. Its not our job. But police say Ojeda, who showed them a current medical marijuana card and told them she had smoked pot earlier that day, was irritated and argumentative. They claim she demanded to be arrested after she learned they wouldnt allow her to drive the vehicle home because she was under the influence of marijuana. Despite Ms. Ojeda cursing at Deputy Watkin and demanding he take her to jail, Deputy Watkin attempted to make arrangements for a cab to come and pick Ms. Ojeda up from the traffic stop, Sgt. Chris Baldridge said.
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