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Home Canning: Gaining Popularity And Saving You Money

But what’s behind this popularity surge in preserving produce? “Some people like it because they grow their own now,” she says. With the popularity of home gardens and farmer’s markets, more people want to preserve this fresh produce. She says canning is also a great family event. “Sometimes it is a way of controlling the ingredients in your food,” she says. This is particularly good for people with food allergies or dietary restrictions. For example, canning allows you to control the amount of sugar and salt in your food.
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Students raise money for WVU Children’s Hospital »
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The Times West Virginian


Two students, Niasia Payne, 10, and Desiree Balch, 11, held a bake sale at Sunbeam July 9 and 10 to raise money for the hospital and set a goal for $50. The bake sale was a summer project of the girls choosing, and they worked for nearly three weeks to organize it. They kept all their plans, information about the hospital, budget and recipes in a notebook, and they baked and made signs for the sale with little help from teachers. In two days, the girls ended up raising $574, which they donated Wednesday morning along with a tray of cupcakes and homemade cards for the staff. Not a lot of people raise that much money, said Balch. Cheryl Jones, director of Childrens Hospital, was impressed with the girls commitment to helping others and their consideration of how important the staff is to the hospital, she said. These young kids, who are just starting out, are able to see how fortunate they are to be healthy and that there are so many kids that are not as fortunate as they are, said Jones.
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