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From The Archives: So We Hired La Russa, Now Get Him Something To Manage : Sports

To Brazil’s consternation, hordes of young Argentines make themselves at home after World Cup | Fox News

Anyway, let’s discuss baseball managers. Managers and their IQ levels. Managers and their impact on winning and losing games. Managers and their reputations. In the third-base dugout is Manager A. Over the past three seasons Manager A has a winning percentage of .442, and everybody says he’s a baseball savant. Now, in the dugout in the first-base side, there’s Manager B.
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“It could be weeks or months or longer. I’m going to see where life and the road take me.” Local media reports say tens of thousands of Argentine fans remain in the country. They appear to be overwhelmingly young and male: Most are in their 20s, and less than a third of them are women. Brazil’s Federal Police did not respond to email and telephone requests seeking confirmation of how many Argentines are still here. But the prospect of a large number of foreigners selling handicrafts, juggling at intersections for handouts or relying on government social services for poor Brazilians has officials worried. Although Brazil’s once-gangbuster economy has slowed in recent years, the situation is far better than that in crisis-wracked Argentina, which has a shortage of dollars and one of the world’s highest inflation rates. Antonio Pedro Figueira de Mello, who heads Rio’s tourism promotion agency, has acknowledged that controls along Brazil’s 1,260-kilometer (780-mile) land border with its southern neighbor may have been too lax during the tournament.
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