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Document Claiming Separatists Are Cashing In On Looted Mh17 Items Is Likely Fake – Yahoo News

She said her shop had not seen this, “nor any large amount of international gold.” This particular pawn shop owner said that even if it were turned into her store, she “would not accept such jewelry.” However, she did explain that it would be difficult to determine if a piece of gold, presumably from melted jewelry, came from the crash site. Nonetheless, she had not seen any influx in jewelry pawning or other changes in her business since the crash. This Isn’t How Terrorists Make Money In a phone interview withJordan Tama, a professor focusing on foreign policy and counter terrorism efforts at the American University School of International Service , Tama offered additional insight into how this terrorist organization raises defense funds. “It’s common for terrorist organizations to be engaged in various kinds of business activities that fund their terrorist activities,” said Tama. “Those can be very run of the mill business activities, they can be involved in common commercial enterprises, or they can be involved in money laundering and corruption particularly when they have power in a particular geographicjurisdiction, they can make a lot of money in that area.” However, Tama also noted that selling looted objects would be quite unusual. “Ihave not previously heard of that. It is certainly possible, but I am not familiar with other cases of this happening.” Nonetheless, MH17 was looted. Just not for gun money. Multiple reports from Ukrainian officials , investigators and journalists at the site , and most recently from victims’ families prove that the site was looted. A family in the Netherlands attempted to dial the cellphone of their loved one who was killed in the MH17 crash .
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Eye Serum Review for Women: New Guide Published Online by Top Review Website

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The guide has been compiled using multiple sources for research to help consumers make better buying choices. An overview of cream versus oil based products is also included in the guide. “Products range from $10 to $100 in the retail market for serums that correct wrinkles and baggy eye areas although not all products contain great materials,” said a reporter. The in-depth data that is now posted inside the review highlights the different face creams, eye serums and products to remove dark circles underneath the eyes. “We’re known for producing quarterly guides that help introduce and explore various retail products and the new guide for women is one of the most comprehensive,” said the reporter. The company is planning to release more than one open source guide to retail products through the remainder of this year. This new content will be posted on the company homepage and will include direct retailer product links to make purchases easier for Internet beauty supplies shoppers. About The company is one consumer source providing helpful information for men and women when shopping for top products on the Internet.
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